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ATS 2000 actively participates in the projects promoted by Snupi odv.

We welcomed the request for support promoted by Giulio Orsini because we know how important the training and professional growth of young doctors is.

Emir Zec was born in Sarajevo and now lives in Parma, he is preparing his degree thesis: “Endoscopic dilatations of ileocecal valve stenosis in Crohn’s disease as a bridge to surgery”.

His research concerns chronic inflammatory bowel disease. A contribution has been allocated for the “project grant” which will allow Zec to continue his training in the field of Gastroenterological Endoscopy and to renew the documents necessary for his stay in Italy.

ATS2000 consegna una borsa progetto a studente medicina università parma

Parma, 21 June 2023

Thanks to all those who attended the meeting held by the University Hospital of Parma (AOU):

Gian Luigi de’Angelis professor of the University and Director of the complex operative unit of Gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy of the Maggiore, the Unipr professors Federica Gaiani and Luigi Laghi, Fabiola Fornaroli, AOU medical director, Giorgio Pappani CEO of ATS2000 srl and Giulio Orsini, President of Snupi odv.

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