For more than 40 years A.T.S. 2000 has provided cutting-edge solutions for the civil and industrial plant engineering.
A.T.S. 2000 features excellent skills not only on the specific technology, but also on advice and engineering so that they can offer their customers a 360-degree assistance, from design to manufacture, implementation, and maintenance of plants.
A.T.S. 2000 has always been a market-oriented company, currently boasting a fully integrated in-house organization to make the most of their potential as to performance and sustainability while fully respecting ethics and environment.
Thanks to the company farsightedness targeting technological development, high reliability and work quality, A.T.S. 2000 has always pursued excellence in the development of solutions that can guarantee maximum performance in terms of high degree of comfort, continuity of service, active and passive safety, ideal management of energy consumption.
In the industrial, tertiary, shipbuilding and housing sectors A.T.S. 2000 is able to fully satisfy the needs of clients through scalable and rational solutions, respecting the high standards required by the regulations in force in relation to the variety of space uses, or the particular value of buildings and their contents.
This objective can be achieved through a solid organization offering the best design and construction solutions.

For more than 40 years A.T.S. 2000 has been present in the market operating in full compliance with the regulations in force, respectfully and seriously towards the customers and employees: success and achievements are the result of competence and reliability.
Employees, collaborators, partners and suppliers – featuring a great sense of responsibility towards their work – are our most important allies in coping with our customers’ needs.
Our philosophy is based on people. Team spirit and strong sense of belonging to the company, in short, people who work, think, achieve results, reaching to a common goal, able to support each other thanks to their skills and abilities.
With this spirit we continue, day after day, working, designing, building, wiring, linking, connecting, engineering, testing,
type-approving and operating effectively, over time, the products we create in the full respect of professional ethics and environmental safety.


Carefully listening to the needs of the customer, great capabilities in research and development are the main pillars of the advanced engineering A.T.S. 2000 puts at the disposal of the Businesses that need to consolidate or expand their production.
The value represented by the designers’ experience is always accompanied by the use of state-of-the-art software. The competence and know-how acquired over time allow A.T.S. 2000 engineers to focus on the objectives in detail, to highlight criticalities, to identify innovative design solutions to meet even the most complex needs in the field of energy engineering.
The engineering path identified by A.T.S. 2000 is accurate, careful and rigorous: fundamental qualities to quickly bring the systems to steady-state in the start-up phase and to avoid the risk of costly corrective interventions aimed at solving any malfunctions in production.


The careful design study must be translated into an equally accurate installation phase: it is the red thread that truly unites the technical project with the skillful know-how of expert installers. Therefore the installations made by A.T.S. 2000 meet the highest durability, reliability and safety requirements to always guarantee utmost efficiency, avoid downtime and the related production stoppages.
The professional training of A.T.S. 2000 personnel is an essential factor and therefore refresher training is constantly offered to upgrade their know-how. But the hallmarks of every member of the staff are above all two irreplaceable and indispensable values for those who must work in a team: earnestness and responsibility.
In A.T.S. 2000 these characteristics are the result not only of a careful HR selection, but also of an approach whereby the quality of the relationship with the employees is a distinctive element of the company work.


A.T.S. 2000 enriches its range of services with multiple solutions designed to solve any type of “after-sales” need by the Customers. Whether it is industrial distribution plants or large photovoltaic power plants, A.T.S. 2000 guarantees a constant control of the operation of all technological structures, starting from the simple (but essential) routine maintenance to the most complex technical management activity.
The action of A.T.S. 2000 also extends to the direct operation of the plant, thus ensuring complete control of production processes. A “turnkey” service that includes the start of all verification actions: diagnostics, technical support, checks through a painstaking scheduled maintenance, confirmation of the success of the carried out interventions, compliance with both internal standard operating procedures and standards set forth by the law.
This service makes A.T.S. 2000 a constantly reliable global partner.