The Benefit Companies meets the market needs

The Benefit companies meets the market needs. ATS 2000 offers a complete service: from design to construction of systems for energy distribution and automation of the industrial process.

ATS 2000 is at the forefront in the procurement and installation of photovoltaic systems, energy production renewables and displacement cooling and heating. Displacement ventilation or displacement’s air conditioning, is an ideal system for buildings/rooms with high ceilings as it reduces energy consumption. Displacement ventilation or displacement’s air conditioning improves particulate removal and provides high thermal comfort. Its energy-efficient air conditioning systems lead to a significant reduction in emissions, improving air quality and energy efficiency. Not only the commitment to building an energy transition without carbon emissions.

ATS 2000 was the first company in the sector in Italy to obtain Benefit and B Corp certification to guarantee efficiency and sustainability while respecting ethics and the environment.

“Achieving B Corp certification was an important achievement for us and we are thrilled to be part of a global movement that aims to generate a positive impact on society and the environment”

“We continue to work for you” – In the image, article and interview with the CEO of ATS2000, Giorgio Pappani published on 28 June in “IL Sole 24 ORE”.


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